iPhone 3GS’s Browser Significantly Faster Than a Netbook’s Default Browser

In a showdown between the iPhone 3GS‘s Safari browser and the default browser on the HP Mini 110, the speed of the iPhone’s browser far outstripped that of Internet Explorer 7.

The speeds of both internet browsers were compared using the SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark. The iPhone’s browser completed the benchmark in 27,272 ms – slow compared to desktops or notebooks. But on the bright side, it beat that of the HP Mini, whose browser completed the benchmark in 411,168ms.

Of course, Safari works better on the netbook than it does on an iPhone 3GS, completing the benchmark in only 3,606ms.

In general, default browsers that come with netbooks tend to be relatively slower than the competitors. Internet Explorer 8 is a better bet than IE7, but if you’re looking for even faster performance, try out Chrome. You can download it here.

Via PCMag.

Images via and GoogleBlogoscoped.