iPhone 4 to Support Multitasking

Well, it will kind of, sort of support it. In its iPhone OS 4.0 announcement on Thursday, Apple said that the iPhone 3GS, iPad, and iPod Touch will support a kind of multitasking. Instead of letting third-party apps run in the background, Apple will offer seven background services to developers that will allow them to make it look like their apps are running in the background. Let’s take a look at these seven services.

1. Background audio. A big complaint from iPhone users is how Pandora cannot play in the background. With this service, Pandora will be able to run in the background as you use your other apps.

2. Voice over IP. VoIP apps will actually be able to run in the background now, making non-cellular calling actually viable. I wonder how AT&T feels about this.

3. Location Services. With this service, GPS navigation apps will continue to navigate even when they’re not open.

4. Push Notifications. Developers can request to have Apple’s cloud-based server alert users when new information is available.

5. Local Notifications. This is clever: a third-party app can have an alarm that will up on the screen and tell you to bring that app to the front.

6. Task Completion. This lets apps finish tasks in the background. The only caveat is that the task must be started while the app is active.

7. Fast App Switching. This will allow apps to save their states so the can up to the foreground quickly and look like they have been running all along.

All in all, these are some great features for the next iPhone OS and I look forward to it.

Via PC Magazine, image via Apple.

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