Is 2009 The Year Of The Netbook?

It’s certainly possible, and there are some out there who’d really like it to be so. But what will make that decision?The question is really one of the fundamental desires of consumers. Do they want a fast, thin, expensive MacBook Air or a slower, thin, cheap Aspire One or Eee PC? A notebook or a netbook?If people want portability and affordability, 2009 will bring big things to the netbook industry – and the netbook industry will bring some big things to 2009.Should 3G broadband wireless become standard, the of netbooks will look especially bright. 3G is a big deal these days, considering the massive successes of ’s iPhones, and netbooks with the have sold especially well.The intrigue of netbooks comes from the fact that, up until their birth, consumers always payed more for portability. Smallness and thinness have become in vogue as the big clunky cell phones of the 80s gave way to Razrs, as room-sized computers shrank to fit in your backpack.Netbooks are in the spirit of this trend. They are ultimately small, but thankfully, incredibly cheap. Consumers who don’t play videogames or edit film on their machines are starting to realize they just don’t need all that extra capability, and as 2009 rolls around, netbooks will be in their sights. They will decide the of netbooks.Via CNet.

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