Is Apple’s iPad Policy Bad?

Even before the iPad has been released, Apple has detailed a replacement policy if the battery goes bad. It seems rather simple and straightforward: for $99 plus shipping, users can send their device to Apple to get not just a new battery, but a brand-new iPad.

Though it seems like a great policy, some analysts are speculating that this policy could be a foreshadowing of potential iPad problems. Previous products from Apple, like the iPhone and iPod Touch, have reportedly overheated, caught fire, or even exploded due to battery problems. In an attempt (arguably a very successful one) to preserve its public image, Apple has covered up such incidents by requiring customers to sign non-disclosure agreements if they received replacement products.

Apple may be anticipating problems with the iPad. Unfortunately, customers have little choice in the matter (other than not buying an iPad). Apple is the one who really benefits in this situation: it will earn money on defective products when they go bad.

Via Top Tech Reviews, image via Apple.

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