Is Verizon Ready for the Apple Tablet?

Nothing definite about ’s upcoming device is known yet due to Apple’s secrecy about the project. Apple has thus far neither confirmed nor denied any rumors, at least not explicitly. The latest question being asked about the tablet is whether it will be able to connect to cellular networks, and if these networks are ready for a possible influx of data from the tablet.

The iPhone, which uses AT&T’s network, demonstrates how the popularity of one device can burden a cellular network. The AT&T network has been burdened by the iPhone, and the iPhone probably does not transmit as much data as a tablet could.

The tablet is expected to have WiFi capabilities, which will ease the burden on a cellular network. Letting the tablet work at WiFi hotspots could redirect a lot of traffic. Also, the tablet is less likely to be as popular as the iPhone because of its higher price.

Verizon says that its network is more dependable than AT&T’s. This remains to be seen, especially since Verizon does not have a device comparable to the iPhone on its network.

Via The Wall Street Journal, image via Verizon.

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