It’s Time to Ditch Internet Explorer

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser remains the net’s most popular browser, despite its many flaws and the plethora of better browsers available for download. The recent attack on in China, however, has truly shown that it is time to stop using IE and switch to a better browser.

Both the German and French governments have called on web users to find alternatives to Internet Explorer. A government agency that monitors cyber threats, Certa, has warned people not to use any version of the browser. The malicious code that was used in the attacks on is now published online, compromising the security of every Internet Explorer user.

Microsoft continues to assert that the latest edition of its browser, Internet Explorer 8, is the “most secure browser on the market.” It is true that so far, the malicious attacks have occurred on Internet Explorer 6. But security researchers say that this could easily change. Since the code is posted online, hackers could modify it to target other versions of IE. Microsoft has yet to release a patch for IE that would alleviate these concerns.

It’s true that no browser is perfect and other browsers have potential problems that hackers could exploit. But right now, IE is simply not a safe browser to use. Firefox, Chrome, and Safari are much safer alternatives.

Via BBC News, image via Microsoft.

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