Laptop Mobility No Longer Limited By External Devices

The Toshiba Dynadock Wireless U (starting at $300) finally brings portability back to the average laptop again. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have various devices hooked up to your laptop to the point where you feel like you’re using a desktop again –  speakers, cameras, phones, external displays, etc… The Dynadock Wireless U now allows you to still have access to all of these inseparable devices, but still shift around effortlessly with your laptop as you seek that one comfy spot in y0ur sofa.

The Dynadock Wireless U comes with a DVI connector (with VGA adapter), six USB ports, a digital audio port, an Ethernet port, and line-in, headphone, and microphone jacks. However, don’t go thinking that you can finally live the fully wireless life you’ve dreamed about ever since you saw Futurama. Stuff like video streaming working at any great distance and typing while walking doesn’t seem to pan out very much, but you can still get basic computer functions like Web browsing and word processing from as far as twenty feet away. All in all, this isn’t an earthshaking development, but still a quite useful one.


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