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Everything You Need To Know About Sportstake 8: Playing & Winning

Like almost every other country out there, South has a couple of lottery games you can play if you are feeling adventurous or just desire a new thrill.

Sportstake 8 is one such lottery game. Others that interest you include Sportstake 13, Plus 1, Lotto Plus 2, and Powerball. Whichever you elect to play, you are sure of your share of thrill and adventure

Play Sportstake 8

In this game, players predict the outcome of preselected football matches for the first and second half. Each entry ticket costs just R2.

To play, you only have to predict the outcome for each half of the eight featured games. You can select “1” for a home win, “X” for a draw, or “2” for an away win. The grid is deliberately split into 16, making it easy for you to enter your prediction for each half.

There are four boards on each coupon, which you can complete as you please. You are to select “multi play” if you are picking more than one outcome for each half. Thereafter purchase your entries.

You may also opt for the “Propick.” This is so-called because the computer does the picking for you based on analysis of previous match results.

Sounds simple, right? You can play online or in-store.

Winnings On Sportstake 8 And Claim Them

In Sportstake 8, the chance of winning the jackpot is 1 in 43,046,721. But heck, it can still be won.

To win, players have to predict correctly the outcome of the first half and the second half. You must get all 16 correctly (8 for each half) to win the jackpot. The jackpot winner takes 40 percent of the pool prize.

Sportstake 8 winnings of R2,000 and below can only be claimed at any National Lottery retailer. Winnings above R2,000 and not greater than R50,000 can be claimed at the local post office. Any winning above R50,000 will be claimed at an Ithumba regional office.

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