Lenovo Ideapad S9 Comes To America

While early announcements pointed towards Lenovo only selling its Ideapad S9 in non-US countries, a few US retailers have been discovered with the netbook in stock. You can now find it at both and may have heard of the Ideapad line by Lenovo – we covered the S10 version last week. The S9, in comparison, is cheaper, has a smaller display, and less storage. However, it’s still a capable machine – it runs Linux (instead of XP) with a 1.6GHz Atom chip and does it well.For now, the Ideapad S10 is confusingly being sold for the same price as the S9, so if you move quickly you’ll get a better deal by getting the S10 instead. When the current promotion ends, however, the S10 is likely to go back up in price.Here are some more specs on the Lenovo Ideapad S9:Linux Lite is the same OS found on the early-released Acer Aspire One.For now, look forward to seeing the S9 sold by US retailers.Via Liliputing.

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