Lenovo’s CULV Ideapad U350 Reaches For Netbook Territory

Lenovo may have its own host of netbooks, but that hasn’t stopped it from risking putting out a CULV laptop. Many have called CULV the harbinger of netbooks’ death, and as the Lenovo Ideapad U350 hits stores this June that fear may yet become reality.

The IdeaPad U350 is as light as a netbook but features a 13.3-inch screen. Its 4-cell battery churns out four hours of life, around what’s expected, but the biggest difference with the IdeaPad U350 is that it runs Windows Vista. Vista’s too taxing for most netbooks, which use XP instead.

In an effort to bring netbook mobility and low-price to full PC functionality, Lenovo has included Intel’s Pentium SU2700 processor – a 1.3 GHz chip with 2 MB of cache. The new CULV laptop will also the SU3500 Core Solo processor this August.

Further departing from the netbook formula, the Lenovo Ideapad U350 also uas 2 GB of RAM. That can support up to a colossal 500 GB hard drive.

The U350 isn’t as powerful as many laptops, but beats out netbooks for graphical capability. It can “run high-definition multimedia, gaming and resource-hungry applications,” something few netbooks have attempted.

We can expect the Ideapad U350 by the end of June worldwide. Will the CULV movement end netbooks? Doubtful. But it will certainly change the game, and if those capitalizing on the success of netbooks mean to retain their dominance they’ll need to start differentiating themselves more than ever.

Via PCWorld.

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