LG Delivers X110 Netbook To The UK

LG has broken into the netbook market with a new snazzy netbook called the LG X110.

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone – pretty much everyone is noting how it looks exactly like an MSI Wind netbook. What LG has fortunately added is integrated 3G. Otherwise it’s the same old, same old – Intel Atom N270 CPU , 1GB of RAM and a 160GB hard-drive. You can get it for free if you get one of a number of mobile broadband deals over in the UK.

The X110 has been praised for a solid keyboard and a better casing than the MSI Wind. Not everything is great though – the display is only decent, and the touchpad has been criticized for being smaller-than-necessary.

The LG X110 netbook will cost you around $406 without integrated 3G. If you get the ‘free’ netbook-with-contract deal, however, you’ll have dropped a frightening $977 after the two year agreement. Of course, you get 3G mobile broadband with that as well. Buy wisely!

Via SlashGear.

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