LG To Make Apple Netbook Displays

The rumored Apple netbooks are getting some more press. The latest announcement is that LG, creators of the LG-X110 and LG-X120 netbook, will be making OLED displays for the (hopefully) upcoming device. Could this news conflict with reports that Apple would be getting its screens from Taiwan?

OLEDs, or organic light-emitting diodes, exploit the natural glowing of some organic compounds with electrical current run through them. Without  a backlight, individual pixels provide the lighting for the device. The Apple netbooks will incorporate the OLED displays in order to get thinner and lighter screens, whose colors are more brilliant.

Not only will the LG OLED displays be put into the possible Apple netbook – the next gen versions of the iPhone and iPod touch will use them too.

This development is quite exciting, but remember: we can’t say much about the veracity of this report just yet, as the Apple netbook itself is unconfirmed. Keep your fingers crossed, ladies and gentlemen.
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