LG-X110 Netbook Coming to America

LG, whose netbooks we have seen in places as foreign as Korea or Barcelona, is deciding to bring its LG-X110 netbook to the states by July.The netbook uses a 1.6 GHz Atom processor and best of all comes with 3G. The X110 is a worldly machine but hasn’t yet been sold on American shores.It uses an 80 GB or 120 GB HDD and Windows XP. Also notable is that its newer model, the LG-X120, is going to be shipping in Europe this month. Hopefully we’ll be seeing that version in the States too.LG may make use of its “strong relationships” with cellular providers like AT&T, whose broadband plans have invaded the netbook industry as well. Then again, considering AT&T’s relationship with some consumers, that might not be too great of an idea.Via PCWorld.

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