Light-Up USB Drive Tells You What File Types You Have Stored

Tired of remembering what types of files you’ve got stored on your USB drive?  Worry no more.  Mac Funamizu has created USB Memory Stick #6, which is essentially a flash drive that’s made of glass and uses colored lights to allow users to see what types of documents are housed on their USB drive.

Different colored lights that appear through the glass of the body represent different types of files.  For example, blue represents documents, pink represents images, and green represents movies.  The more documents are on the drive, the brighter (and the more populous) the lights get.  Useful device?  Maybe a little bit?  Maybe not so much?  What do you think? Either way, it’s a fun concept.  There’s not yet word on how much storage the memory stick would be able to hold, but if it ever got to production, I might consider buying one.

Via Slashgear.

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