M-Budget Netbook Released In Switzerland

Meletronics is a Swiss retailer that recently got into the netbook category. Its inaugural netbook is called the M-Budget netbook, a machine with a green shell that, surprisingly, isn’t the ugliest we’ve ever seen. It’s going on sale for 333 Swiss Francs, or $324 USD.

The M-Budget netbook, also called the M0Budget MO-D250-0DGR, has an old school 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270, 160 GB HDD, and a gig of RAM – the classic netbook setup that’s fallen away thanks to a new generation of Atom CPUs. The machine comes with Windows 7 Starter Edition, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, a webcam, and a card reader.

Via Liliputing, image via Melectronics.

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