Man Arrested for Stealing iPad

A man has been arrested for stealing an iPad from an Apple customer as he walked out of the store with his new purchase. Unfortunately for the iPad customer, 59-year-old Bill Jordan, the thief, Brandon Darnell, did more than simply steal the iPad: he ripped off Jordan’s pinky finger in the process.

As Jordan walked out of the Apple store with his new iPad, Darnell ripped the bag out of Jordan’s hand with such force that a part of Jordan’s finger was torn off. Jordan said the experience was very painful and is having to come to terms with the mutilation.

Darnell’s picture was caught on security cameras and police have been working nonstop to catch him since the theft happened last week. Darnell was arrested at 1:14 this morning. I hope Jordan got his stolen iPad back.

Moral of the story? Don’t wrap those strings on the Apple bags around your fingers. It may not seem like the most obvious thing but it’s important, as poor Bill Jordan had to find out.

Via I4U, image via I4U.

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