Microsoft Advises Some XP Users to stay Unpatched

Microsoft has released an update to the Windows operating system today but has advised some Windows XP users not to install the update just yet. Systems infected with a rootkit virus, a form of malware that buries itself deep in the operating system, should not receive the update until the virus is cleaned.

The rootkit infects an area that the update attempts to fix. If users install the update on an infected system, the system could be rendered unusable. This happened earlier this year, in February. Users installed an update, which caused some systems to stop working. Microsoft wants to avoid a repeat of that incident, and it also does not want to make users wary about installing updates.

Microsoft urged users to make sure they are not infected with the rootkit and if they are to remove it, either with the Microsoft malware removal tool or tools from security companies.

Via BBC News, image via BBC News.

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