Microsoft CEO Signs a Mac

Steve Ballmer may annoy Apple users sometimes–he said that the iPhone was prohibitively expensive–but I really cannot deny that he can be pretty amusing. He certainly does not fit the stereotype of the staid, laid-back CEO. Ballmer is quite the opposite, always very enthusiastic. I first found out about him when I saw a video of him at an event during which he ran on stage yelling, “I love this company!” Even though I don’t really care for the products his company sells, I do find his enthusiasm refreshing.

The latest amusing thing Ballmer has done involves Apple–specifically, a MacBook computer. At a technology council meeting at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, Tennessee, a student boldly approached Ballmer and asked him to sign his computer. The student then presented Ballmer with a MacBook Pro and promised that it had Windows on it. Ballmer laughed and signed the computer, adding a note with his signature that read, “Need a new one?” Somebody recorded a video of this amusing encounter and posted it to YouTube.

You have to wonder: what would Steve Jobs have done if he had been asked to sign a Windows computer? I would like to think that he would have been as good-natured about the whole thing as Ballmer was.

Via, image via Useless Universe.

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