Microsoft Puts Limitations on Netbooks That Can Run Windows 7 Starter

To maintain the small size of netbooks, Microsoft is not allowing machines that are larger than 10.2″ to run the Windows 7 Starter operating system. Netbooks that have larger screen sizes will be required to run either the Windows 7 Home Basic or Home Premium editions, which are more expensive versions of the software.

If you want to run Windows 7 on your netbook, there will also be limitations on the amount of RAM you can have on your computing device. The maximum amount of RAM allowable to run Windows 7 will be 1 GB. This amount is referring to the original factory setting though, and does not include potential upgrades. Note though, that the maximum amount of RAM that an Intel Atom processor can support is 2 GB.

The updated specifications for the maximum amount of hard drive space for netbooks that run the Windows 7 Starter is 250 GB for a regular hard drive and 64 GB for a solid state drive.

Netbooks that qualify for Windows 7 Starter can have up to 2 GHz CPUs, as long as they are single core and use less than 15 Watts of power (more than enough for most netbook processors).

Via APC.

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