Microsoft To Make Netbook Version of Office

Microsoft won’t be giving us a netbook-specific Windows 7 any time soon, but we will be getting a concession prize of sorts – a new version of Office focused on netbooks.Stephen Elop of Microsoft’s business division said this Wave 14 of Office will intimately involve netbooks: “I won’t get precise with details, but I think we can do better with netbook attach.”He hit the nail on the head as he continued, mentioning the lack of incentives for netbookers to use the expensive program when they’re only spending a few hundred dollars on their computer.With Windows now running on between 80-90% of netbooks, depending on your source, Microsoft has quite a bit of interest in the fate of the market. While it disappointed many with its announcement to ditch Windows 7 for netbooks (encouraging netbookers to use Windows 7 Ultimate instead), this new development may be a boon to consumers swiftly tending towards Linux.In addition, it’s been noted that Microsoft will also be delivering cloud versions of its most popular Office applications. These Web-based Office tools should lure consumers away from free netbook apps like Open Office, which take some potential purchases away from the company.Via NetworkWorld.

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