MSI Revamps C-Line To Use Intel Core-i Processors

MSI’s “Classic” series has commonly been known as MSI’s budget line of notebooks, lacking a fancy exterior or other premium characteristics.  That isn’t stopping MSI, however, from putting Intel‘s brand new line of  Core i Series CPUs in three C-line models: the CX420, CR420, and CR720.

Overall there isn’t much difference between the three laptops. The CX420 and CR420 will come with relatively plain 1366×768 14″ screens, while the CR720 will have a much larger 1600 x 900 17″ screen.  In addition, the CX420 will have the special honor of getting a discrete ATI Radeon HD5470 for graphics with 1 GB dedicated VRAM.  Other than that, expect vanilla features across the board.

Still, despite the lack of aesthetics or exceptional screen resolution, these may still be products worth watching.  Equipped with Core-is, the MSI C-series computers will most likely be more powerful budget laptops than their mainstream American counterparts.  Pricing will be key.

Via Gizmodo, image via MSI.