MSI Sets Sights On Indian Netbook Market

MSI is planning to hit ’s netbook market hard in the near future, according to company representatives. It will deliver not only Atom netbooks but AMD-powered machines as well.

Their lineup is impressive – four netbooks, starting at Rs19,000, and ten notebooks starting at Rs38,000. MSI is adding hi-def displays to many of the netbooks, replacing the Intel chips with AMD CPUs to bypass Intel’s restrictions on certain displays used in netbooks. Samsung did a similar thing with its NC20 netbook last year.

Frank Hsu of MSI explained what MSI means to accomplish in India:

“We are targeting sales of around 60,000 to 80,000 units in in 2010.”

MSI’s figures in last year were between 12k and 15k.

Via DnaiIndia.

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