Netbook Manufacturer Acer Plans To Boost Presence in Chinese Markets

Acer is currently the world’s second biggest PC manufacturer, but it’s looking to crank up its presence in Chinese markets within two years.

While Acer has seen strong results in Brazil, Russia, and India, the netbook maker has had more in China where Lenovo is king. Acer tends to bounce between fifth and sixth place in China.

CEO Gianfranco Lanci explained to Reuters just why that’s not good enough:

“We don’t like being anything less than No.3 … You need scale, although of course it’s always a balance between market share and profit margins. Five years from now, China is going to be larger than the U.S.”

Acer plans to take extra market share by cutting selling prices by about 5%-10%. No word yet on whether those effects will be felt elsewhere, but at that outset that seems unlikely – manufacturers commonly practice price discrimination between different regions.

Via Reuters.

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