Netbook Market to Exceed 54.3 Million Units By 2015

The world’s PC market is experiencing a major shift in design focus from overwhelming computing power to efficient compactness and attractiveness. Rising Internet dependence make the ability to connect with people any time and any place more useful, and the increasing numbers of mobile operators mean that this option is becoming more and more available. Improvements in technology mean that more and more components can be fitted in the same space, while affordability brings this power well within the price range of the average consumers hands.

Thanks to these four major forces, netbooks have become quite popular among both professional and academic communities, and was the only segment to register double-digit growth through significant reductions of spending by enterprises and consumer segments.

Netbooks are also subject to large amounts of innovation with continuous introduction of new features such as touch screens, in-build 3D wireless broadband and improved resolution and operating systems. As a result of all of these factors, PRWeb says the global market for netbooks will blow past 54.3 million units by 2015.

Via PRWeb

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