Netbook Sales Thrive in Coastal US Cities

Data from NPD Group, a market research firm, shows that sales in many major coastal cities within the U.S. are driving the overall sales of netbooks, which in turn, is driving the sales of laptops.

NPD Group defines netbooks as devices with 10.2″ or smaller screens. The average netbook price settles around $350, but the range of prices have widened as some netbooks have gotten simpler while others have gotten fancier. According to NPD, netbook sales comprise typically 10% of all notebook sales within the U.S.

Netbooks are prized for their convenience, but as their prices increase due to the addition of new features, there is a question of whether consumers will continue to purchase netbooks or just purchase laptops, which are roughly in the same price range.

Netbook cannibalization continues to play a role in the battle between netbook and laptop sales. According to Intel, netbook cannibalization in Europe is reported to be roughly 20%, with Great Britain and Italy having rates reaching 25%.

NPD Group has tracked roughly 60 retailers (approximately 17,000 stores within the United States) and has calculated a 15.7% increase in overall Windows notebook sales for the seven months ending in April 2009. If netbook sales were not considered, NPD estimates that notebook sales would’ve only increased by a mere 3.6%.

Via MediaPost.

Image via GamePlay.

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