New $200 Aojie Netbook Offers Third-Party Service Warranty

We’ve bemoaned the oversaturation of the netbook market for months now, but one thing all this monotony does is encourage innovation for the sake of competition. Aojie’s newest netbook coming out for Chinese consumers isn’t much of a look-getter in the spec category, but is instead attempting to distinguish itself through a new service warranty.

The netbook is only $199 and comes with an Intel Atom N270, 160 GB HDD, and 1 GB RAM. Aojie is offering a service warranty through an unnamed third party IT service company, which should offer service for a number of years.

In my experience, it’s better to go with the name brands. While it’s good to plan ahead with a good warranty, doesn’t buying based on a good warranty seem to mean you’re expecting major problems? Even so, it wouldn’t be too painful to replace a $200 machine in a few years anyway.

Via UberGizmo.

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