New Docking Station With The Gigabyte Booktop M1022 Netbook

The Gigabyte Booktop M1022 is a netbook with a generally standard lineup of features – Windows XP, an Intel Atom CPU, and 1 GB of RAM. It doesn’t do much to set itself aside from the competition, except for in one respect. I quote Gigabyte marketing:

“The differentiator, the that sets the Booktop M1022M apart from all the other products, is the Booktop Docking Station.”

Take a look:

The docking station is a useful way to charge your netbook without fiddling with cables, and it looks cool too.

Is it enough to get you to choose the Booktop M1022 over the competition? Be sure to read more about Gigabyte products here.

Via AnandTech.

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