New Footage of the Sharp Mebius Netbook In Action

The new Sharp Mebius NJ70A netbook has been making headlines with its LCD trackpad, and a new video of it’s capability was recently put up by Akihabara News for your viewing pleasure.

The video displays some features of the trackpad, which works a bit like an iPhone with its pinch and rotate multitouch gestures. You can configure the screen for a few different functions, including some kind of bowling game (shown above).

However, Sharp has been sure to let everyone know that the netbook’s mini-touchscreen actually uses optical sensors to detect your finger or a stylus, which is apparently different than the technology the iPhone uses.

At around $800-$820, it’s second to only a few netbooks in the pricetag category. We’ll be seeing if it works hard enough to merit your extra $400 quite soon.

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