New mbook M1 MID Is A Shrunken Netbook

UMID’s new MID is in that tricky not-phone-not-netbook category manufacturers seem to be paying attention to nowadays. The announced specs of the mbook M1 have changed a bit since its announcement in November, and the pricetag is a hefty $599.

Like the Viliv S5 or Viliv S7, the mbook M1 crams netbook components into an even smaller place. The problem is, it’s still not quite pocketable. MID-haters point to manuvering difficulties to support their views, but people keep buying MIDs anyway.

The headphone jack is a smaller 2.5 mm (rather than 3.5 mm), and there’s only a mini-USB port. You need adapters for audio and hardware input, and the expansion slot too is a micro-SDHC. Just about anything you could put in the mbook is smaller than it should be, and expensive too; doubling its SSD’s meager 16 GB of storage space will cost you an additional $150.

The mbook M1 runs Windows XP, an Intel Atom, and 512 MB of RAM. Its 4.8″ touchscreen manages a solid 1024 x 600 resolution, which isn’t bad, but a host of other annoyances are sure to scare away possible MID converts.

Via Gizmodo.

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