New netbook releases from Asus and Acer on hold until August

Both Asus and Acer have produced numerous netbook models to keep potential costumers feeling as though they are getting the latest and greatest netbook. This marketing tactic has awarded both companies as they are currently the top netbook dealers worldwide. Despite this fact they have decided to put a hold on new netbook releases until the middle of August.

The decision to freeze new netbook releases is likely due to the fact the Intel is releasing the Atom N550 dual core processor for netbooks in the third quarter of this year. Asus and Acer need to liquidate excess inventory to make room for netbooks with the N550 processor.

The faster N550 processor will increase performance but also the cost of the netbooks that carry them. The cost increase will be minimal so current Asus and Acer netbooks with slower processors will be harder to sell. Because of this it doesn’t make much sense for the companies to produce many new netbooks with the slower processors prior to the A550 processor release.

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