New Samsung N310 Netbook Footage and Analysis

New netbook releases are a cause for attention, but initial reactions to the Samsung N310 netbook have been less than exhilarating. The machine’s design has been criticized as clunky but without toughness, as well as not being innovative enough to pander to those looking for an to the Atom N270 we’ve seen so much of in netbooks.

However, the initial photos may have given the N310 netbook a bad wrap. In the video below, Blogeee found that the Samsung netbook is a bit sleeker than previously thought, being no larger than the exquisite Samsung NC10. It looks to have a user-accessible RAM slot, a as-of-yet unseen in most other machines, and it looks like the coating on the display does a good job of nullifying pesky reflections.

Will the N310 succeed on its good looks and a tried-and-true formula, or fade into the woodwork as an expensive to better netbooks? Check out the video below, and see what you think.

Samsung N310 from on Vimeo.

Via SlashGear.

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