New York Times May Partner with Apple

A mere nine days remain until Apple’s special event on January 27, when Apple is expected to launch its much-anticipated tablet. Naturally, rumors about the tablet are spreading like wildfire.

One of the latest rumors says that The New York Times will soon offer some sort of subscription service for its website and plans partner with Apple to offer content Apple tablet users. There is speculation that The New York Times is planning to offer a subscription plan for their website. Readers would have access to a certain number of articles for free before being asked to pay for further access. A source has said that the newspaper will strike a deal with Apple and provide content to tablet users.

The New York Times has not confirmed or denied these rumors. However, the rumors sound very probable to me, because the Times has done stuff like this before and newspapers in general have not been doing well since the Internet has become for reading the news.

Via ITProPortal, image via SlashGear.

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