No Broadband Data Plan for Your Netbook? No Problem.

More and more telecom companies are jumping on the netbook train and tying the sale of subsized netbooks to their overpriced data plans, but what if you don’t want to dish out hundreds of dollars for a mobile data plan?

Well, the following may help. Barnes and Noble Booksellers has recently made Wi-Fi Internet access complimentary and unlimited at all their retail store locations. The bookseller has actually had an operating Wi-Fi network since 2005, but this was previously only available to AT&T customers.

Through the Wi-Fi network, customers would also be able to receive personalized messages from B&N. This includes coupons and notices about store events.

One of the main reasons that Barnes and Noble had decided to provide complimentary Internet access at all its retail locations was to bolster the e-book side of its business. B&N has jumped on the e-book train and is planning on riding it full steam ahead.

With many Barnes and Noble locations throughout the United States, netbook users who don’t purchase their netbooks from telecom companies are able to more easily access the Internet, which is always a good thing. But will this ultimately have an impact on telecom companies‘ overall netbook sales?

Via JKOnTheRun.

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