No Windows 7 For ARM Netbooks

Microsoft has said no to Windows 7 on ARM netbooks. Considering its tendency to partner with Intel and AMD, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise – however, as the OLPC Project moved to ARM earlier this year, it was rumored that Microsoft would port Windows to ARM CPUs for netbooks.

The official statement came out June 3rd:

“At this time, Windows 7 does not support any ARM architecture. Currently, Windows works on both x86 and x64 platforms, which, thanks to the pervasive PC hardware standard, power the vast majority of the world’s laptops and desktops. In the specialized devices space, where ARM is well suited, we offer the Windows Embedded CE platform.”

It should be noted that that wasn’t a never, but rather that Windows 7 isn’t available for now. Could it be that Microsoft just failed to throw its ARM version of 7 together in time? We’ll likely know for sure in the next few months.

Via ZDNet.

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