Nokia’s Android Netbook Alternative

Though Android has been making headway as an OS pointed at netbooks, Seth Weintraub of Computer World is making an interesting argument – why not just get a Nokia N810 Portable Internet Tablet instead? This is the device in question:

This isn’t the rumored Nokia netbook – rather, it’sa device that has been out for a full year already. The N810, curiously enough, is capable of running Android if you do a little fiddling, and Weintraub suggests  it as a suitable alternative to devices that pale in comparison, like the SkyTone Alpha 680.

Here’s Computer World’s of the N810’s special features:

– Sunlight readable transreflective display 800×400 pixel screen with up to 65K colors

– 802.11b/g Wifi, Stereo Bluetooth A2DP, GPS

– Integrated front facing VGA web camera, backlit keyboard

– 256 MB & 2GB integrated internal storage + 8GB expansion via MiniSD cards

– Battery life: Up to 4 hours of continuous usage with wireless LAN on; up to 10 hours of music playback

– Can act as a Mobile Phone with a Cradlepoint/Skype combination

– With its native Maemo OS, it runs Flash, something Android and iPhone cannot.

But is the Nokia N810 really a substitute for a netbook? Personally, I tend to think that the form factor of netbooks are one of their most appealing assets. Sure, the Nokia machine may be just as mobile and even better equipped than most Android machines on the market right now, but it seems that any college kid using one to take notes might get slammed for texting instead, since it looks so much like a phone.

Furthermore, MSI, ASUS, and Acer are all rumored to be making Android machines as we speak. While the SkyTone Alpha may be a weak competitor to the Nokia N810 for now, that is likely to change quite soon.

Via ComputerWorld.

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