NVIDIA Wants Netbook Graphics To Rock

NVIDIA has some plans for netbooks. They’re intending to pump up the graphics we regularly see on the machines, which could push them to have far more capabilities than we’re used to.The new NVIDIA chipset is HD-capable. This ‘Ion platform’ is made up of the GeForce 9400M graphics chips and the Intel Atom instead of the standard Intel GMA 945 chipset. This should make the graphics quite literally ten times better.The Ion could also help netbooks run Windows Premium or Windows 7, which are usually too sluggish on the small machines. Expect bigger things for models with HDMI outputs and HD content.NVIDIA’s demonstrating Ion on the Pixo-ITX Reference PC, to be shown at CES 2009. It should cost about $50 bucks, which sounds pretty good so far.Via SlashGear.

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