OLPC Netbook Price Dropped To $180

Nicholas Negroponte of One-Laptop-Per-Child (OLPC) recently announced that his foundation (which according to him started the netbook craze in the first place) is taking a major step towards his goal of durable $100 dollar netbooks for the children of the world.

The OLPC netbook has gotten a sizeable price drop, from $204 to $180. The foundation hopes to meet the $100 goal eventually, but is going to take it in steps.

The price cut seems to be due to drops in the prices of parts.

Negroponte also made some hints about the next version of the OLPC netbook, which will be “a dual-screen model with a virtual keyboard that he hopes to sell for $75.” He hopes he can get kids using the new netbook free internet as well, though didn’t elaborate on how.

Via TechRadar.

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