Powerball PLUS Draw Results, Hot & Winning Numbers, Winners, Bonus & Payout Today

Draw Date: 2023-03-24

Powerball Plus Winning Numbers

  • 11
  • 24
  • 39
  • 42
  • 01


  • 09


Rollover Amount: R8,000,000.00

Rollover No: 3

Total Pool Size: R9,783,983.00

Total Sales: R8,091,097.50

Next Jackpot: R10,000,000.00

Draw Machine: RNG2/RNG2

Next Draw Date: 2023-03-28

Division 1
No Of Winner(s): 0 (Five Correct Numbers + POWERBALL)
Amount Won (Payout): R0.00

Division 2
No Of Winner(s): 0 (Five Correct Numbers)
Amount Won (Payout): R0.00

Division 3
No Of Winner(s): 34 (Four Correct Numbers + POWERBALL)
Amount Won (Payout): R7,372.20

Division 4
No Of Winner(s): 321 (Four Correct Numbers)
Amount Won (Payout): R509.80

Division 5
No Of Winner(s): 723 (Three Correct Numbers + POWERBALL)
Amount Won (Payout): R255.90

Division 6
No Of Winner(s): 13581 (Three Correct Numbers)
Amount Won (Payout): R11.40

Division 7
No Of Winner(s): 11152 (Two Correct Numbers + POWERBALL)
Amount Won (Payout): R10.40

Division 8
No Of Winner(s): 58317 (One Correct Numbers + POWERBALL)
Amount Won (Payout): R7.50

Division 9
No Of Winner(s): 95297 (MATCH POWERBALL)
Amount Won (Payout): R5.00

About Powerball PLUS In South Africa

Powerball Plus is another lottery game you can play to win mega bucks in South Africa. Other interesting lottery games that you might fancy include Plus 1, Lotto Plus 2, and 13.

Out there, some punters use Powerball Plus and Powerball interchangeably, and really they are almost the same thing, except that Powerball Plus gives the player a second chance to win. It is not surprising many players prefer it.

Play Powerball Plus

If you can play Powerball, then you surely can play Powerball Plus. Playing the one is almost exactly like playing the other. So you are in good company.

Before you choose to play Powerball Plus, you may want to know that ticket sales close at exactly 8:30 p.m. each day. A single ticket for Powerball Plus will set you back by R2.50, including VAT (value-added tax).

Playing the Powerball Plus lottery is as simple as getting a valid Powerball Plus betting slip and writing and writing your name on the back in case you should misplace it. Choose one number from 1 to 20 and five numbers from 1 to 50.

You are then expected to take your slip to an approved lottery retailer and make a payment. The retailer will give you a receipt indicating all the numbers you selected.

If you select the multi-draw option, you can play the same numbers over multiple draws.

Winning In Powerball Plus And Securing Your Winnings

Like almost every other lottery out there, the chances of winning the Powerball Plus jackpot is annoyingly slim – 20,358,520 to 1, according to Wikipedia. But having entered the lottery, you stand a chance of winning.

For winnings below R2,000, you may have to head to a national lottery retailer. For winnings up to R50,000, you may have to head to the post office. Any sum above that will take you to an Ithumba regional office.

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