Price Tag on Emtec Gdium Liberty 1000 Netbook Takes A Dunk

The Emtec Gdium Liberty 1000 netbook is unique in that instead of the usual Intel Atom processor, it’s equipped with a 900MHz Loongson processor and instead of a typical hard drive, it has a removable USB key – the G-Key. The USB drive is special because it’s what the operating system for the netbook runs off of. But like any ordinary USB drive, you can also store files on it. Multiple users would be able to share the same netbook without exposing personal data. What a deal!

When the netbook was first released, you can imagine that it might’ve cost a small fortune – €349, in fact ($500+). Nowadays, you can get it for much cheaper. Amazon is selling it for just $265.99, including shipping. Check it out.

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