Psion Focuses Its Accusations

Psion, the -based portable maker, has been making headlines with its Cease and Desist letters earlier this holiday season. Their legal team followed up with some of the blogs reporting on its legal action and has decided to speak for itself: it only wants to go after those who are “making a direct, financial profit from use of the ‘Netbook’ trademark.” It doesn’t necessarily want to burn blogs and other sites, but rather is attacking those who are using the word to sell machines.Unfortunately that statement is somewhat meaningless – after all, any site profiting from sponsored ads using the term netbook is fair game for infringing upon their ‘trademark.’ Ouch.Hopefully, the widespread use of the term ‘netbook’ will nullify it as a trademark by now. I’m eager to see what happens if they bring a powerhouse like Intel to court.Via Engadget.

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