Q2 Acer Sales Beat Expectations

2Q earning for Acer are set to be better than expected, due to – you guessed it – netbook sales.

Additionally, Acer’s recently released Aspire Timeline CULV notebook is set to boost sales as well. The new notebook runs for 8 hours on a single charge, and Acer hopes the Timeline will push them above HP for mobile PC shipments.

Acer is the largest netbook manufacturer in the world, but even computers megagiants have had to curb expectations in the current market. Regarless, Acer Chairman J.T. Wang has retained high hopes:

“At the end of April we said, revenue-wise and profit-wise, it’s going to be a little better than Q1, and our Q1 was reasonably acceptable… Today I think we should be able to do even better… Netbooks are selling very well, and as for Timeline, market response is so strong.”

What numbers are specifically expected? Somewhere around 12-15 million netbooks.

Following this year’s launch of the Timeline in consumer markets, Acer intends to make headway for corporate clients in 2010:

“We consider 2009 as a bad year for the commercial market. No matter what you do, corporate customers don’t buy computers… we consider next year will be a good year for commercial. So we have to be ready to catch a growing opportunity.”

The Aspire One has been quite a boon for Acer, and if the company continues to put out machines like the 11.6-inch edition of that netbook its sales should continue to beat expectations.

Via Reuters.

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