Recent iPhone and Nokia Hacks Worry Cell Phone Users

Phones have become more and more advanced in recent years, which could lead to the dominance of mobile Internet within a few years. But all these incredible advances to have a price: phones are becoming more and more likely to be targets of hacking.

Last month, an Australian student created an iPhone worm that affected jailbroken iPhones. The worm didn’t cause any harm, unless you count the humiliation of having your wallpaper changed to a photo of Rick Astley. But this suggests that malicious attacks on the iPhone could be possible. Furthermore, not all such cell phone worm developments have been benign; Kaspersky Lab, a Russian antivirus company, has reported a new malicious program that steals money from users of Nokia phones.

Due to the potential security threats to phones, an entirely new industry is springing up: the mobile security industry. One company typifying the new category is called Lookout, a firm that makes software allowing users to track their phones on the Internet. Users can also remotely back up data, wipe their phones, and protect against rogue programs. Impressively, Lookout claims to have figured out how to have its software work on the iPhone, which does not allow non-Apple products to operate in the background like security software tends to.

While most consumers’ worries center on their laptops and internet scams, we all might need to pay a bit more attention to our phones in the near future.

Via The New York Times.

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