Rumor: Adobe May Sue Apple

There are lots of exciting and interesting rumors circulating on the Internet now. One of them turned out to be true—it remains to be seen if this latest one will also prove to be true.

The latest rumor concerns a lawsuit that will allegedly be filed by Adobe against Apple. Adobe has been less than pleased with Apple in recent months. Apple has refused to support Adobe Flash on its mobile devices for some time now and the latest conflict between the two companies has arisen over Apple’s recent update to its iPhone SDK agreement. The update bans cross-compilers, which Adobe was planning to utilize in its app. Adobe is annoyed and is allegedly going to file a lawsuit against Apple “within a few weeks.”

Analysts believe that has restricted developers to prevent a repeat of problems that were encountered with Mac OS X, in which a lot of Adobe and Microsoft software had to be rewritten to work on Intel processors.

Via Electronista.

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