Rumor: Apple Developing Smaller iPad

The iPad was just released less than a week ago and already there is speculation about ’s next iPad. According to a senior analyst at Digitimes Research, Apple is in the process of developing a smaller iPad, which would be released in early 2011.

The new, smaller iPad would allegedly be anywhere from five to seven inches and sell for about $300 or $400. The analyst based his prediction on information from “competent sources.”

The small iPad would be aimed at users who mainly would want to focus on reading and less on text input, meaning that this smaller iPad would basically be an e-reader with all the benefits of an iPad. The analyst also said that the HP Slate will not be any competition to the iPad because of its bad battery life.

I personally am doubtful of the idea of a smaller iPad because I fail to see the point of it. What could it offer that a regular iPad does not? Time will tell if the market is ready for such a device.

Via AfterDawn, image via Apple.

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