Rumor: Google Is Developing an Android Tablet

The iPad may be facing more competition in coming months in the form of an Android-powered tablet made by Google. This is just a rumor and no specifics are known, but it is nevertheless intriguing.

According to an article in The New York Times, is currently exploring the idea of creating a tablet. The information allegedly came from CEO Eric Schmidt, who was heard chatting about it with friends at a party this weekend.

Knowing what we know about the Android operating system, we can surmise that a tablet would probably be a lot more open than Apple’s iPad. Apple is pretty strict about developing for its devices, but ’s Android Market allows developers to submit apps without being scrutinized. Android-powered devices also allow users to download apps from unofficial third-party sources. An Android tablet would also be likely to support Flash, unlike Apple’s mobile devices.

Though speculating about a future tablet is fun, we must remember that, at this point, it is definitely not a certainty. All we know right now is that is exploring the idea.

Via PC World, image via PC World.