Rumors: Google Plans Android Netbook And Snapdragon Netbook

A number of industry sources have confirmed that may be prepping a new Android phone and netbook combination. Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar, in particular, claimed in a research note that Google’s phone will be available by the end of the year, with a netbook following suit by early 2010.

The smartphone will use an unnamed Qualcomm chipset, but the netbook will use Qualcomm’s much-touted Snapdragon processor. Both machines will run Android 2.0.

has, naturally, neither confirmed nor denied the report. While a number of Android phones out there are branded as being ‘with’ Google, the new device will supposedly be co-designed with Google taking a more powerful role than it has historically.

A Android phone will ramp up competition with Apple, from whose board Google leader Eric Schmidt resigned in order to avoid a conflict of interest following the announcement of the Chrome OS.

Via Electronista.

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