RunCore Introduces Netbook and Notebook SSDs

Quite a few netbooks are currently offered with solid state drives, but exactly how reliable are these SSDs? Some models tend to slow down netbook/notebook performance while others may be noticeably slower than regular hard drives.

Some companies (RunCore, for example) offer solid state drives that don’t sacrifice performance for stability. Recently, RunCore has announced their new line of solid state drives that are ideal for use in netbooks and notebooks.

RunCore’s SSDs range from 32GB to 256GB each. Netbook users would most likely be interested in the 128GB or less models since netbooks aren’t document/file-heavy machines anyway. According to Liliputing, “RunCore’s new IV SSDs are available as 1.8? disks, 2.5? disks, and PCI-E disks, with SATA and PATA versions.”

These disks are rumored to be available by this upcoming August. The 32 GB model starts at around $179.99 while the 256 GB models will cost about $899.99. Other details about these disks can be found in RunCore’s press release.

Via Liliputing.

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