Russian Magazine Announces MacBook Mini Netbook

…and the rest of us sigh with disappointment. But before I break your heart, take a look at this beauty:

According to one Russian magazine, this device is the new ‘MacBook Mini’, a long-rumored device closely tied in to the Apple netbook rumors we’ve seen so often.

The rumored (and probably photoshopped) Apple netbook was reported by the magazine to have a “10.4 inch WXGA display, Intel Atom CPU, NVIDIA GPU, 64GB SSD, 2GB RAM and Wi-Fi.” It is said to be hitting the market in 2009 for a hefty $899.

Should we give the rumored netbook much attention? Probably not. The Apple netbook concept is rife with rumors and hearsay, and notorious for false alarms and red herrings. However, on the off-chance that this thing is legit, a whole lot of netbookers and Mac fans are going to be extremely happy.

Via I4U.

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