SA Lotto PLUS 2 Results, Winning Numbers & Payout Today

Draw Date: 2023-03-22

Lotto Plus 2 Winning Numbers

  • 44
  • 32
  • 37
  • 24
  • 26
  • 06


  • 30

Lotto Details

Rollover Amount: R2,393,293.17

Rollover No: 3

Total Pool Size: R3,842,496.58

Total Sales: R4,312,775.00

Next Jackpot: R4,000,000.00

Draw Machine: RNG2

Next Draw Date: 2023-03-25

Division 1
No Of Winner(s): 0 (Six Correct Numbers)
Amount Won (Payout): R0.00

Division 2
No Of Winner(s): 0 (Five Correct Numbers + Bonus Ball)
Amount Won (Payout): R0.00

Division 3
No Of Winner(s): 22 (Five Correct Numbers)
Amount Won (Payout): R4,502.40

Division 4
No Of Winner(s): 53 (Four Correct Numbers + Bonus Ball)
Amount Won (Payout): R2,196.10

Division 5
No Of Winner(s): 1115 (Four Correct Numbers)
Amount Won (Payout): R184.50

Division 6
No Of Winner(s): 1466 (Three Correct Numbers + Bonus Ball)
Amount Won (Payout): R140.30

Division 7
No Of Winner(s): 23013 (Three Correct Numbers)
Amount Won (Payout): R25.00

Division 8
No Of Winner(s): 16469 (Two Correct Numbers + Bonus Ball)
Amount Won (Payout): R15.00

About Lotto PLUS 2 In

Lotto plus 2 is one of the game options available to the public from the National Lottery of South Africa. There is another game simply know as lotto, and another called lotto plus 1. All three are similar, and if you can play one, you can play the rest.

Pretty convenient, yes?

How To Play Lotto Plus 2

In lotto plus 2, you can play as many boards as you desire. However, you must first mark the lotto plus 2 option on your betslip. Also, in order to play lotto plus 2, you must first play lotto and lotto plus 1.

When you get a valid bet slip, choose six numbers of your choice, from 1 to 52, using a pen or pencil. To preempt ownership arguments, make sure to write your name at the back of the slip. Next take the slip to your local lottery retailer and pay for your bet. A single lotto plus 2 ticket sells for R2.50 (including value added tax (VAT).

You will be given a receipt which shows the six lucky numbers you have selected. Retain the receipt as you can’t claim your winnings without it.

How To Know If You Win Lotto Plus 2, And Securing Your Win

It is the abiding desire of every player to win. But then a game of this nature is such that winning is very, very hard. Such is the difficulty that at times, out of thousands of players, not a single jackpot winner will emerge.

But then it wouldn’t hurt to try your luck. To determine if you have won, you will have to follow the primary authority on the lottery – the National Lottery website of South Africa, as well as watch SABC2 every Wednesday Saturday by 20:57.

Depending on the sum won, you might go to the local Ithumba office, the post office or a legit lottery retailer to claim your prize.

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