Samsung NC20 Manual Released

The new Samsung NC20 netbook is set for release next month. Interestingly Samsung published the user manual for the netbook, but nobody can really figure out why. Is it a marketing move? A strange kind of advertising?

The NC20 has a 12-inch screen with a massive 1280 x 800 pixel display, a 1.3 GHz VIA Nano processor, and an option for either a hard disk drive or solid state drives. They’ve moved some ports around since the NC10 was around for improved access to components using a panel near the bottom of the netbook.

The changes include shifts in the placement of the USB, VGA output, and audio in/out. The SD slot was moved to the front of the netbook as well. According to the specs sheet, it optionally includes Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. However, it’s likely that the final model will include both.

We have neither pricing info nor battery life reports for the Samsung NC10. However, the VIA Nano is supposed to beat the Intel Atom for efficiency, and most 6-cells do a good job.

It’s rumored to have a price of $500 in the US based on estimates from the and Europe. Be sure to check out the gallery of the manual over at SlashGear.

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